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How a rhinoplasty can cause a psychologic disorder like anxiety

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Sometimes we wished we were thinner, have blue eyes, or a smaller nose. At least once we saw somebody walking down the street, who strangely embodied the perfect “me wanna be” and craved we looked just like that. But does this happen because we are unhappy with the way we look or do we want to get more approval? Either way, there’s some torment deep inside that makes us long for that perfect self that can make us fully accepted. This is what Alexandra D, a 29 year old girl from Romania, hoped for when she had a nose surgery, professionally called rhinoplasty. However, as soon as she met her perfect self in the mirror, she started to experience anxiety and panic attacks. Was it that she felt a stranger to herself that she was so afraid? Find out her story and how a plastic correction can cause a psychological disorder like this:

Alexandra remembers she was a very communicative child and obedient to her parents. Although she was always smiling, deep inside she always felt different and strange.

During her childhood, she experienced huge inferiority complexes because other children would often mock at her, due to her nose. She remembers she would become angry and aggressive and sometimes she even hit class mates that were bullying her. Other times, she would close inside and resign to being born imperfect. Alexandra recalls it was so hard for her to cope with these bullyings, wishing she wouldn’t have to go to school.

As she grew older and went to highschool, her frustration grew even bigger and she became more and more desirous to ‘correct’ her nose.


Lotus Pocus Focus: What determined you to make this rhinoplasty?

Alexandra: Ever since I was a child I wished to be a normal person so that I could be accepted by everybody.

Lotus Pocus Focus: What happened after the surgery? What kind of sensations, thoughts, emotions did you start to experience?

Alexandra: After the surgery, suddenly something changed. My brain was blocked and refused the new face. Although I had wished so badly for this surgery and had waited for this change to happen, something told me it’s not OK. And then, thoughts started to appear…thoughts that I had no idea about and where they came from. Then, every day I would regret having the surgery, and wished to get back to my old nose. I could not understand what was happening to me.

And then the feelings…I would sit and stare in a point with my brain blocked and my heart beating fast. I started to experience panic attacks and fear. I was so scared that I even had hypertension. I went to the cardiologist and he suggested I saw a psychiatrist. After that I started to experience moments of terror. I became more and more convinced that I was going to lose my mind and won’t be able to lead a normal life. The psychiatrist prescripted me antidepressives and a psychological counseling.

Lotus Pocus Focus: How did you realize anxiety was related to the rhinoplasty? Did you speak to somebody about this?

Alexandra: Yes, I went to see a psychologist every week, for 1 year and a half. The psychologist helped me understand better what happened to me. I discovered that underneath this pain there were other open, unsolved wounds, that were just waiting for a spark to burst out. There were wounds that I was carrying with me ever since childhood.

Lotus Pocus Focus: If you could turn back time, would you still choose to do a rhinoplasty?

Alexandra: If I could turn back time, I’d still do it, but with all the knowledge I now have, maybe it would be different. In spite of anxiety, this rhinoplasty helped me gain more self-confidence.

Lotus Pocus Focus: What advice would you give to people who want to have a rhinoplasty?

Alexandra: I’d suggest they first go see a psychologist . A professional like this should know how to counsel them.

Lotus Pocus Focus: What advice would you give people who suffer from anxiety?

Alexandra: I propose they find the cause that led to anxiety. Then, they should spend more time out in the nature, practice a sport and have a balanced agenda. If they cannot cope with the situations, they should go to a specialist.

Lotus Pocus Focus: Thank you, Alexandra!

Alexandra: I hope this helps!




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