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Change insomnia for a restful baby sleep

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Sleeping in red Heat Sleeping in red Heat

There are people who have a hard time getting a restful sleep. There are tough periods in life when we just can’t sleep. And there is insomnia, the generalized state of being unable to sleep. If you find yourself in any of the 3 situations these DON’TS and DOS might help you improve your sleep. I happened to be in the 3rd situation a few years ago and happily I came out alive, stronger and with a new perspective on sleeping. Here are a few tips that you might benefit from.

8 don’ts:

Stop worrying. Apocalypse will never happen, children will be ok, people will always love you –  and if not, they don’t know what they’re missing. Reputation does not exist and life goes on. Make a list with your major worries and notice when they pop up in your mind. When you find yourself worrying, stop, smile and try to see the positive aspects. This is called reframing your thinking.

Stop blaming yourself. If it doesn’t work that simple, go to counseling or to a therapist. A professional should know how to help you see you’re not a victim, assassin or outcast.

Don’t complain or lament to others that you can’t sleep. This way you will only create more tension and amplify it into a problem. Accept you can’t sleep.

Don’t eat after 19:00 o’clock. Don’t eat meat or other heavy food. You can eat soup, salads or a snack.

Don’t drink coffee, coke, black & green tea, cocoa or other energizer after 16:00 o’clock.

Don’t eat honey, candies, chocolate, citric (oranges, grapefruits) in the evening. They are natural energizers and will boost your body energy.

Don’t take hot showers in the evening. Hot water will wake up your body.

 Don’t read or watch TV right before you go to sleep.

Don’t take sleeping pills. They will make you sleep for the moment, but on the long term, you won’t be able to sleep without them. And thus, a vicious circle.

8 dos:

 Discipline yourself & slow down. Make order in your daily activities and act with calm. Slow down, nobody is hunting you. If you’re running away all day long, your mind will also run all day long and won’t know that in the evening it has to stop. So it will never stop, it will always look for something to run for. Develop a new rhythm. Include harmony in it.

 Learn to meditate. This way the mind will get quiet and you’ll find how many useless thoughts you have.

Forgive yourself for not sleeping. Forgive your mind for wandering. Forgive the Universe for making you go through this.

Start daily physical exercise: yoga, jogging or aerobics in the morning. 

Find a passion: dance lessons, gardening, knitting, volunteering, shopping. This will give you joy and purpose.

Do something for the others. Become a volunteer. This way you will have the chance to see others face bigger issues than you do, and maybe you were just over dramatizing yours.

 Start loving yourself and find other people to love as well. 

Laugh, play and have sex on a regular basis.


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