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Tired eyes? Try this quick exercise for instant relief

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These days we find ourselves too often straining our eyes in front of a screen, be it a computer screen, television set or just a smartphone. It’s a consequence of modern age. You may feel more tired than you should mostly because your eyes are linked to the liver, the great energy and stress processor of our body.

So every time you feel that itchiness or just that your eyes are tired, a break away from the computer is recommended. To take full advantage of that break some rapid muscle and massage exercises can keep you away from the eye doctor for a longer time. And help release some of that stress.

For instant relief I like to do these Dao exercises:

1.Warm Palms

This is the simplest and shortest one. It’s not recommended on its own but it can really help in those stressful days when you can’t even take a full break.

Rub the palms of your hands together until they heat up. Them place them on your closed eyes and feel that awesome heat on them. You can do it several times, until you feel satisfied.
Also, you just stole a useful concentration break.

2. Eye movements

Controlling the movement of your eyes can help the nerve relax and function better. You should sit down and keep your head straight. Then slowly and in control look up to the ceiling and down to the floor without moving your head.

Repeat this for right-left. Afterwards you should move your eyes diagonally, for every axis of your eye. And lastly rotate them, first clockwise then counter-clockwise.

3. Massaging the right points

The orbit of the eye has several indentations ideal for releasing pressure.

With your thumb find the point underneath your eyebrows (B). With small circular movements massage for ten seconds. If you feel any tension or pain that means that you have found a problem area. Start by applying moderate pressure and gently decreasing it while you repeat three times. This applies to all the points

Then, with your index finger find the gap underneath the center of your eyes (C). Massage for then seconds.

Find the point in the corner of your eyes, where your cheekbone ends (D).

With your thumb find the correspondent point above the eyes(E).

Massage your temples the same way with your index fingers (F).

And finish off with the circular movement (G): with the index, middle and ring finger start from the inner corner of the eye, close to the nose, continue on the eyebrows towards the temples, under the eyes on the orbit. When you reach this point you must be gentle, that is the most thin and sensitive skin, so it’s best to rapidly tap your fingers on the area while still continuing the circular movement.



So I’m going to take a break now and refresh my sensory memory about the benefits of these exercises.

Are you tempted to try them?

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