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The Natural Habit: Aloe vera and cucumber mist

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Among my explorations through the wonderful world of homemade cosmetics, this aloe vera and cucumber mist from Free People was a pleasure to make and use. While I would love to go all natural one day when it comes to my beauty routine, until I will make it all the way to the other side, these fun and easy recipes help make the transition easier.

I have discovered along the years and still need to remind myself from time to time that any beauty routine becomes useless if you don’t take care of yourself all the way. No skin cream can solve the bad habits within, sleep and a healthy diet makes you beautiful and healthy from the inside out. All other products just enhance what you naturally have.

And this body mist is a pleasantly scented reminder of the benefits of a natural beauty routine. I don’t know when, but sometime this connection was created and the smell of lemon and cucumber makes me want to live more healthy. A good reminder I say.

Not to mention it makes skin glow and refreshes you in the hot days of summer. Like a portable shower …

What you need:

1 cucumber

1 /2 lemon juice

1 aloe vera leaf or aloe vera gel

1 tablespoon rosewater

How to make it:

Peel the cucumber and cut it into smaller pieces. With a knife peel the skin off the sticky aloe vera leaf. Blend them together. Strain the juice into a bowl, through a cheese cloth or a small strainer.

Add the lemon, and rose water into the bowl and mix. Put the mix in your favorite container, preferably a spray bottle, so you can refresh on the go. I had only my favorite glass container, no spray bottle for the pictures, but I’m on it. Keep it in the fridge for up to 10 days.


And remember that this can be the base of other great recipes. Replace rose water with your favorite kind, take the lemon or the aloe vera out if you feel it can affect your skin. Or make the cucumber toner I’ve tried already in larger quantities so you can use it all over. Just read about the pros and cons of the new ingredient your adding, it will not be perfect for hot summer days anymore, but for something else.

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