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Try it out: Refreshing cucumber toner

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I’m still searching for the best natural toner and I do like to try greens in season. So my latest discovery is a toner that only needs a fresh cucumber, from the local market and plant water (of your choice).

Summer is here and this Cooling Cucumber Toner discovered on The Chalkboard helps you stay fresh and smelling nice.


Cucumber beauty benefits

Cucumbers are great for calming your skin. They reduce that puffiness caused by water retention, thanks to Vitamic C, keep the moisture locked in and make your skin look fresh.  If applied under your eyes, the Vitamin K in cucumbers removes excess hemoglobin that cause the dark rings. It also helps with dark spots, but that also means a tanned skin lightens faster. All this moisture locked in helps build collagen, thanks to the silica mineral.

The plant water you choose, should be the one that works best for you. The original recipe suggested rose water,  an excellent calming water with anti-aging effects. I have already used mint water, where the refreshing effect is double. Hamamelis water is also a good alternative, but maybe you have your own favorite…

Here’s how you make your toner:


  • 1-2 cucumbers
  • mint water


  • grater
  • colander and bowl
  • sterilized glass jar


First wash your cucumbers. Set your colander over a bowl. Grate the cucumbers into your colander. Be carefull, we do not want any accidents! 🙂 With your fingers squeeze the grated strips to collect the juice. Measure the amount of cucumber juice and add an equal amount of rose water, to create the toner. Pour the mix into a sterilized glass jar.

Use it on your face before bed to take advantage of the full effects during sleep. Wait for it to dry before applying moisturizing cream. I always ignored this advice and I realized that it reduces the benefic effects to half. Apply to clean skin by using a cotton ball that’s soaked in the toner. You can go fuzzy and use a spray bottle

Must be stored in the fridge and that’s a hassle to get every night but the plus is you get cooled down before bed.

Keeps for up to 10 days.





So, are you curious to try this toner?

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