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6 child-like attitudes for carefree happiness

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People associate words like carefree and happy with childhood. It may somehow already be a cliche and not always 100% true, as childhood is many times also full of challenges and learnings that are not always happy and carefree. Nevertheless, where there is smoke there was once fire… the adult mind recalls a distant time when it was all a little simpler, and happiness was just an ice cream away. Of course it is easier to be happy when you are being dressed, fed and taken care of by someone else, but believe it or not, these my not be the main reasons for childhood happiness, and the secret might just be hiding in some  ‘natural’ attitudes that we adults have forgotten with time. Here are some childhood attitudes that are worth struggling to bring back:


1. Children are curious. They look around them, ask and gather new information at every step.

2. Children are fearless, they are not afraid to explore because they have not experienced failure. They go for what they want and fight fearlessly to obtain it.

3. Children do not hold grudges. They might cry, yell or act like it is the end of the world, just to forget all about it and get back to laughing, just a few minutes later.

4. Children appreciate little things. They get excited for the most simple things, like a train ride or a new pajama with their favorite cartoon character. They see everything with new eyes and this is why happiness is not an aspiration as it is in the adult world, but a constant reality.

5. Children, open their hearts. Have you ever watched how childhood friendships are made? It is a matter of seconds. It is enough to be in the same room. “If you are a child too, you will be my friend. Want to share my toys? ” Childhood friendship is genuine and unreflected, and this makes it so much more sincere.

6. Children know how to receive love. They do not run away from it. They do not distrust it. They just know that they deserve it!

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