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Reconnect with your inner child

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We all have an inner child within. Some of us are in touch with this part, but some have lost, forgotten or ignored the inner child part. And one cannot be a whole person without the presence of this inner child. Moreover, if we take the child out to light, love and nurture, we will increase our chances to better understand ourselves and become healthy and more joyful adults.

The Inner Child Scrapbook

There are many great ways to take out your inner child and Dr. Michelle Stagline’ creative technique is one of the best. As a Creative Counselor she teaches creative therapies for children, teenagers, adults and counselors. She has developed the The Inner Child Scrapbook , a creative way to  go in the past and reconnect with the child you once were and offer him/her love and heal the wounds. This is absolutely great and you can actually feel the child you once were, you get to remember your dreams, thoughts and favorite activities.

If you’re interested in growing and self-developing and also enjoy playing (who doesn’t?!) you, too, can benefit from her advices and guidance.

The project has 10 tasks:

The Apology Letter. In case you have forgotten or neglected your inner child, write this apology letter and demand excuses. If you haven’t forgotten your inner child, write a letter promising to have more fun.

Play date with inner child . Remember you favorite activities, like swimming, football, cartoons etc…and then just have a play date with your inner child.

Reconnect with a childhood activity weekly.  Whether it’s riding a bike, swimming or drawing, restart doing your favorite activity once a week.

Reconnect with your inner child’s long lost dream. What was it? Becoming a musician? A painter? A race driver?  It’s never too late to make your wishes come true.

 Make a special room or place for your inner child. Create a special place where you can go and sit with your inner child. It can be your special room.

Visit a toy store and buy your inner child a present. Now you can have the toy you always wanted and it’s a gift accompanied by a great BONUS: your own love.

Create a special toy box for your inner child. This will be your play box. Create it with love and joy.

Start collecting your inner child’s desire. What was it that you dreamt of collecting? Was it dolls, books or balls? Start doing it now.

Make a piece of artwork with your inner child. Paint, draw, create scrapbooks. Let your inner child explore himself.

Plan your inner child’s dream birthday party. Start organizing the birthday you always dreamt of: huge cake, lots of friends, music, games and dance. Celebrate yourself!

Here is an example from Dr. Stagline’s collection:


source: Creative Counseling 101 


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