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Just yoga for immunity

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The benefits of yoga have been known for some time now and a new study, conducted by the University of Oslo, has decrypted the biological mechanisms behind its benefits.

Yoga has been proven to

  • lower stress levels,
  • help with depression,
  • reduce back pain ,
  • improve bone health and overall
  • lower the risk factors for heart disease.

Although the effects of this practice are so diverse, scientists have been baffled and intrigued as to why these multiple effects occur and if they are linked or not. They have discovered that the effects are indeed linked and it all starts in the genome, the basis on which we are all built.

Only two hours of practice changed the expression of 111 genes responsible for immune cells. While it might sound too technical to improve your life and sport habits, the bottom line is it boosts your immune system from its core.

The Method

Scientists studied 10 participants who followed a week long yoga retreat. The retreat included yogic postures, yogic breathing exercises, but also meditation.  The comparison group also did beneficial activities: walking relaxation and listening to music.

The blood analysis before and after the experiment showed that the yoga treatment improved the expression of 111 genes and the alternative only of 38 genes, as the Norwegian study published in Plos One journal shows.

The conclusion is yoga has a holistic biological component that starts acting out at the molecular level.  The best news is that the effects are immediate and can last a long time if becomes a habit.

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