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Gratitude, a positive attitude

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Receiving is great. It makes you feel a child again. Yet, when we forget to be grateful for what we receive we don’t understand that we’re given. And thus, live a life empty of miracles and happiness. People come and go without us being aware of the gifts they brought us. Situations come and pass without us noticing the opportunities and the lessons.

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When you’re not grateful for what you have in your life, you’re missing the presence of a loving hand that gives you unconditionally life, air, food, shelter, love and protection.

If you find it complicated to see it like that, just try to be grateful for the little things you receive daily: cash, a hand shake, a call, a smile, an answer. When you begin to practice gratitude, you begin to see the greatness in everything. Ordinary, unimportant things become blessed gifts.

Benefits of gratitude

When you appreciate your life, people and situations it’s hard not to be happy. Here are some benefits of practicing gratitude:

– Increased positivity

– You begin to feel the kindness in people and turn kind yourself

– Contentment

– Psychological Relaxation

– Optimism

Even when we believe we’re not receiving, we actually receive… a lot.

There may be times when we think we don’t have the life we wanted for us. But the truth is we’re not awake to the already great life we have and we believe it sucks. Just notice how much you receive.

1. What you believe to be negative can be a positive gift. It is there to teach you something. It can be a meeting with someone you don’t want to see. But if you look through gratitude’s eyes, you’ll see that person is there as an opportunity for you to make peace with her/him and maybe see she/he is actually a nice person.

2. When you think you receive/have nothing, observe how nature gives you life with your every breath. Notice how your body performs all the complicated tasks you are not aware of. It takes care of everything so you can enjoy yourself. The Earth holds you gracefully while the Sun gives you light and warmth. Do you still believe you’re not receiving?


It doesn’t mean you have to give up pursuing your journey and just be alive. But being alive is actually the gift and basis for everything. So, we should appreciate it.


Gratitude exercise

You can do this before going to sleep. Just remember your day starting from the morning and be grateful for what you received until you got into bed. You’ll be amazed to see how many things you received! And what you believed was negative or unimportant was actually a blessed gift. Just try.

I am grateful for waking up healthy and happy.

I am thankful for missing the bus. I wouldn’t have met my university friend otherwise and wouldn’t have got invited to a job interview.

Thanks for everything I learned about me today when my boss criticized my project.

I am grateful for the delicious meals I ate today.

Thanks for hitting my head against the wall. It reminded me to be present.

Thanks for the relaxing bath.

I am grateful for the company of my friend and the gift to have her/him in my life.

Thank you!

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