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BodyART. Balance for the body, mind and spirit.

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Simona Nistea is a bod­yart trainer qual­i­fied in all forms of Bod­yart held so far: basic, dynamic, stretch, deep WORK and she  attends to acquire also one more part, flow . Her first pro­fes­sion was engi­neer­ing, but now she is a very ded­i­cated trainer, in love with her work. She wants to spread as good as pos­si­ble the wit of the train­ing which is a superb equi­lib­rium between body, mind and spirit. Together with her friend, Ilona Ilyes, they opened the first bod­yART school in Roma­nia and last year they rep­re­sented Roma­nia at the biggest bod­yART event in the world, ZEN­sa­tion held in Isman­ing, Munchen – Germany.


LotusPocusFocus: In a description on your website (www.primagym.ro) I found that bodyART is a new concept, related (if not inspired by) with consecrated forms of exercises like yoga. So please tell me what is bodyART and where it comes from?

Simona Nistea: BodyART is a new concept of movement created by Robert Steinbacher (renowned master trainer in yoga, dance, aerobic dance, step aerobic etc.) and Alexa Le (master trainer in yoga and shiat-su therapist). The concept underlies on medical gymnastics, yoga, do-in, breathing techniques in a special combination created for Europeans who are not used with meditation and are always in a rush.


LPF: As a beginner practitioner, I can say that the job bodyart does for may backbone is fantastic. The stretching exercises open a new world in me. The moment of mind balance in difficult postures are outstanding. It feels like you are in eye of the storm. What benefits can you say bodyart brings? It is a form of movement which involves risks?

SN: Compared to yoga, which requires a special flexibility, when practicing bodyart the whole body is protected, so it can be done by anyone, by any beginner, no matter of age or sex. So it does not imply risks because it’s a method of therapy and motion.

The benefits are multiple: it is a cardio training which doesn’t increases the pulse higher than maximum allowed, strengthens physical and mental, increases flexibility, mobilizes the entire body and the breathing techniques transforms the negative stress in a positive one and calms.


LPF: I’ve seen almost all age categories at the trainings. Who can practice and when is most recommended to do it?

SN: Anyone can practice this forms of movement. It can practiced anytime. I can say that this movement rejuvenates and opens for you unsuspected horizons. I worked and still work with kids and it has a great effect on them.


LPF: Where can you practice? It can be practiced outside the gym?

SN:It can be practiced anywhere, in the gym, outdoor, in the nature, is fantastic! It energizes you, it’s something awesome.


LPF: I heard about bodyART from a an acquaintance and I started searching on Internet what it is this about because none of my frinds knew. How popular it managed to get? How widespread is the world?

SN:I am glad you met bodyART. If you go to www.bodyartschool.com you will find many things about thins concept. It is a “the mother web site”. Primagym brought it in Romania, we are proud with this. It stats to be well known around the world, because it received the ECA prize for two consecutive years in USA, which is the equivalent of Oscar in the domain of sport, as the best training.


 LPF: It is a form of sport mainly feminine?

SN: No, as you saw, it can be, and it’s even advisable to be practiced by men!

More recently, we have a football player-Vlad Bujor from FC Olimpia, he does not miss any bodyART training. It is recommended to athletes because it helps coordination, develops a harmonious body and greatly help you acknowledge and control your whole body.


LPF: Can bodyART to make a balance through femininity and masculinity within us? Or even more, can a woman to develop the femininity of her body gestures through this form of art? And the same question for the masculine side, can they discover their masculine potential with bodyART?

SN: This is a very nice question and a smart one, surprising, in fact the essential. The whole concept is based as the entire Universe, on yin and yang. Everything is in constant motion, like the symbol of the yin-yang represents. The training is thought so it can always pass from difficult to easy, from strength to relaxation, so bodyART helps to regain the balance of the entire body. And when I talk about balance, I mean the physical and mental balance. As you noticed in the training, when you think you can not take it anymore you move to another state which gives you the enough force to keep going. I have a saying: bodyart helps you to “hold it form some more breathings” in life, not just during the trainings.

BodyART addresses to both sexes, it helps to perfect that side which needs that. No matter the sex, each human have feminine and a masculine side, meaning yin-yang. Sometimes your yin needs to be shaped, other times your yang. Even if we are not conscious which side must be worked on, the body and the spirit knows it. Not for nothing it is called training for body, mind and spirit.


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