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Lumosity: a gym for your brain

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Have you experienced loss of attention lately? Or couldn’t remember your work mate’s name? Well, with some discipline and Lumosity, a web brain training program, things could change. You can develop skills like: memory, attention, flexibility, speed of reaction  and problem solving  just by taking a daily practice on Lumosity. 


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First, you need to have an account. And then fill a personalized training sheet, so you receive tasks and games in accordance with your needs. The work out is simple and fun: all you have to do is play, play, play while taking note of how great your brain is or how much you have to work to make it great.

They say this training can help you to better memorize streets, maps, to see details or give answers.

With a 35 million registered users, Luminosity is today’s nr. 1 brain training program on the web. And if you’re wondering who’s behind this, find out that Lumosity is based on The Human Cognition Project, a program joining neuroscientists and academics from universities such as Stanford, Berkeley and Harvard. A serious deal!





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