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Humor can make us better humans

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Laughter is as old as the human race.  And it might have been the trick that enabled evolution. Today, it can also help each of us evolve to better human beings. So, you’re going to read a bit about humor, but please take it serious! 🙂

I’ve always loved being around funny people. They radiate a sense of confidence, wit and relaxation that is contagious. And what never ceases to amaze me is how people are capable of doing such unpredictable mental connexions.

Recently I became more and more interested in this topic, as I noticed that people with a high sense of humor are more intelligent and can manage their lives with a higher calm, creativity and positivity than people who have less sense of humor. Also they have greater clarity and can answer better to the challenges of life.


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And so, I began to do some research. But this is not a serious scientific report about how we can become more intelligent by enhancing our humor – though this may happen – but a light article about how we can find meaning, balance and a healthy understanding of life by means of humor, laughter and joy.

And by that I’m referring to healthy, honest and non-harming humor. Excluding all kinds of satire, sarcasm, judgmental or discriminatory humor which bare frustration and propel hate.


What makes us laugh?

Different people, different humor. According to our sexual, geographic, educational or financial belonging we enjoy other types of jokes and have other favorite topics. Men joke more about sex and dating, while women prefer light giggles. British will gag out of weather, while Japanese will laugh about principles jokes.

“I laugh at word games” says Martha

Another, Andra: “A child can make me laugh happily.” 

“My boyfriend makes me laugh, because he always has good jokes.” says Catalina

“Sometimes I analyze human stupidity and it’s very funny cause I find it in me also.” says Adrian


Scientific studies

In the serious land of science Dr. Peter McGraw, director of  The Humor Lab,  says that humor has psychological benefits as well as physical and social.

  • Humor decreases stress and anxiety
  • Laughter supports healthy heart, circulation and development of muscles, especially around the belly area
  • Being funny makes one an attractive person. Also a desirable mating partner.

People who lack sense of humor are said to:

  • Feel attacked by jokes and to take them personally
  • Are more inclined to get sad, depressed or mad
  •  Experience heart and brain health issues


How can we develop this skill?

Whether we have been gifted with it or we’re just trying to keep pace with funny people and dig jokes, this is a personal area that should and can be developed.


Pattaya, Big Golden Buddha, Thailand - 3094 POTD Tom Jutte via Compfight

Buddhist monks enjoy happy lives by practicing smiling meditation, which is nothing else than smiling all the time. This, they say, uplifts your mind and increases your awareness and also sense of humor, because you see everything in the light of joy.  Enlightened by joy. 🙂


Professional humor industry

Michael Kerr, a professional humor trainer, gives some inspirational tips about growing your sense of humor including:

  • allowing yourself to be curious,
  • being natural,
  • reading & watching comedies,
  • observing life,
  • seeing reversed perspectives or
  • asking questions.


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