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Happiness at 100

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Happiness is a big subject in our lives. Nothing like the years passing by, or a yearly event that makes us think more about it. Because somehow it is always related to the passing of time.

Everyone dreams about their own happiness, it is the most important motivator throughout human history. Maybe you see yourself as ageless and materially satisfied. Maybe you just dream yourself in a peaceful place surrounded by friends. Maybe you dream of a family. Or maybe, like me, you see yourself  as a calm-happy old version of you.

The truth is happiness is now and I re-discovered this today through the pictures of Karsten Thormaehlen of happy 100 year old people. His portraits of century old people show a fascinating serenity. The kind that is experienced by living any moment you experience with full curiosity. Opened to life, with all your tedious plans of happiness forgot.

This is just a reminder of something all of us know deep inside. I wish myself to be like this when I’m 100. And I hope all those who see these wish themselves the same.

Paula K, born in 1911enhanced-buzz-18433-1365104633-0

Gustav W. born in 1910


 Kaetchen E. born 1909


Erwin H. born 1909


Erna K., born 1908


Margarethe D., born 1911


Erika E., born 1910 


There is also a beautiful book with all these portraits, discovered on the author’s site.

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