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Yogify: a Yoga App for a casual practice

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If you want to practice yoga but have a busy schedule or just don’t feel like going to a class, the new Yogify App is the solution for you. However, you need to own a smartphone. If you meet the description, check out for more:




Yogify is EA SPORT’s newest invention: a yoga app for iOS devices that offers 5 classes for free when you download it. Level 1  features 15 minute or 30 minutes classes that introduce you into the discipline. If you want to go deeper into the practice, you can order more from Level 1 to 3, where you can learn about Strength, Balance or Flexibility. The prices start from 1,99$ for one program, 3,99$ for a bundle to 9,99$ for the entire collection.

The instructor of the App is Alex Mazerolle, a Vancouver-based yoga teacher, who combines all styles of yoga in a practical mix. She is also an ambassador for Lululemon yoga fashion brand and a teacher of yoga for young women.

While the prices might seem a little high, they are under the price of an actual yoga class. Still, there is no real teacher to guide and answer your questions. So, the best use would be that the app accompany going to a class practice.



For more info, go to Yogify’s official page. 




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