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5 benefits for having a pet

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If you don’t have one already, after you read the benefits you can enjoy as a pet owner, you might consider getting one.

When you have a dog, a cat or a little fish:

1. You start to smile more, which contributes to your overall health. You get really touched by his playful behavior, dummy faces and need for affection.

2.  You feel more whole-hearted and that is because you give him so much unconditionally. This prevents heart diseases. 

3. You become more responsible. Now you have to provide a being with food, outside walks, tender pampering and well-being.

4. You get more self-confident. Because he relies on you, you have to stand up for him and protect him.

5.  You become an altruist. You start to think less about you and your problems and consider other’s needs as well.  You get out of your egocentrical attitude.

Here are some happy people and their happy friends:


Luciana and Patrocle


Daniela and Donnie


Diana and Fifi


Crina and Shaki, Braki, Pufuletz, Miki, Bobita


Ina and Haiduc


Loredana and Hera and Alexa

silviu & cezar

Silviu and Cezar


Ana and Jinx


Mirela and Pisuna and Pi (in the back)

onix fitze

Oana and Titi, Iris and Felix

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