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Search for the Real Beauty: Cameron Russel

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We have been raised to believe beauty means power and a great life: the perfect job, money and the man of our dreams. And so, starting from the 6th grade we have been striving to keep the perfect weight, to have the pimplest face and to exhibit almost everything. Little did we know at that age – when all important thought shapes form – that everything we see in the television, magazines or the internet is not an honest picture of reality but a distorted one which hides unhealthy ideas about life.


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So, our Search for The Real Beauty weekly column begins with the story of Victoria Secret’s model Cameron Russel who states that “models are some of the most physically insecure people on the planet”.

In her presentation she puts together pictures of the real her right next to photoshopped pictures with her from magazines in order to demonstrate just how fake the “ideal beauty” is. At one point she even confesses that at the time when a picture with her in an erotic flirt with a guy was taken she had never had a boyfriend.
“I hope you realize that what you see is not me, they are constructions made by professionals.”

Have a look at her impressive talk:


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