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Growing up with friends

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Have you ever thought about the priceless gift of a friend? The revelation and the awe that strikes you as you receive God’s beauty through a dear face? And about the healing force of such an encounter?

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The recognition of a great friend

Everybody is special… for someone. And I really believe this is the truth. Try as you may, you cannot be compatible with everybody. You can only pick a handful of great people who inspired you throughout your life. Because, due to our mental-emotional differences each of us resonates with other people and have different communication or emotional needs. And I’m not talking here about finding The ONE or The MATE. Though in some cases the friend can come in the opposite sex shape. I’m just telling about those rare encounters with people you find your place with. The ones you like listening to…being around their halos.

So, what happens when you notice the signs? I mean: the jokes, the answers, the benevolent support…..

First of all, you get moved with joy by their whole being. And then, you start to acknowledge Universe’s work and the privilege of receiving such a companionship (for a short period of time or for long time). And, if you are grateful, the person might stick around for some time.

The joy of connection

So, you’ve met them…and for God knows what reason, they seem to like being around you too … they say they like your this and that .. but they don’t even know how much more significant their presence is. And very naturally a connection arises: “Will you give me your number?”, “”Do you have a Facebook?”, “Let’s see each other some time and talk about this.”

The healing conversations

And then the great talks. The never-ending talks. The rich and transformative dialogues.

The funny talks:

“- Let me show you a hot guy that I used to date.
– OMG! You’ve dated a robot?!
– Hahahaha…he’s just well built….”

The wise talks:

“- You just have to find the right balance to wear your beauty as a woman. Not with pride, but with dignity. And, when the compliments arise, just be present and grateful with an honest “Thank you”. And thus, you allow a space to form between your heart and the other person’s heart. A space in which you say: ”Hey, I am really grateful for giving me this and this is how I reward you.” And in this way, you are not superior to this person, nor is he inferior for giving you this compliment. It’s just an exchange”

The occult talks:

“ -Hey, did you know we have Vertex conjunct North Node ?

-Really? I’ve read that Vertex is very important like fated or something….

-Yes. We seem to have a very significant relationship for our spiritual growth. How about that?

-Hmmm…interesting. “

The funny-occult talks:

“-I can’t stand those fixed signs…they are dictators! Did you know all dictators in the history have been fixed signs?

-No. Who?

-Hitler, Lenin, Saddam, Mubarak…All Taurus..

-Uhh..And Napoleon a Leo..

-Yes, and Fidel also a Leo. Believe me, I know about all of them!

-Hahah..I believe you. ”

The inspiration they bring

They might give you a clear, assertive phrase that activates you to take actions in some aspects you had lost your enthusiasm for. Or they may open up a new view on life for you. Or they can push you to surpass your limits. Either way, there’s an inspiration they bring which enriches you and leaves you new and changed forever.

The kind of unpredictable melting where you find yourself wearing their most adorable traits.

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  1. sabina says:

    it’s beautiful because it’s true :). love this: “The kind of unpre­dictable melt­ing where you find your­self wear­ing their most adorable traits.”

  2. Diana says:

    Thank you for your comment!

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