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Bamboo Bikes: Ride Consciously

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Today’s hottest and greenest transportation tool: the bamboo bike born in Vancouver. It has lots of benefits for you: it’s easy to ride, can last generations and it’s super trendy. And is also a friend for the Earth as it’s made of bamboo, a renewable resource.  So why not ride consciously and feel great?


This new smart bike has its birth place in The Grass Frames Studio  in Vancouver, Canada. It’s a small workshop where a few young enthusiasts coming from woodworking, computer drafting and fiberglass boat building have joint to create this revolutionary transportation tool. Each bike takes an average 40 hours’ work, strictly hand-made. The materials are 100% eco-friendly from the production line to distribution: California grown bamboo, plant-based epoxy, waterborne varnish and raw hemp fabric for hand-wrapping.
The prices rise from 2000$ and with customization can reach even 3000$ for the most pretentious.

Re-frame your ride!

So, this is encouraging news: all over the planet people are becoming eco conscious. Not only do we acknowledge the need for fewer cars and more bikes, but now Canadian views like this encourage us to take it radical: frame grass bamboo instead of toxic materials.

Let’s all have a conscious ride!

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